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[email protected]
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Feb. 10, 1994
Interested In:
Men, Women, Trans, Couples
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1 hour, 46 minutes
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Yes, please
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Hey there you silly fuckin pervy pervs! Ummm so, Here is the most accurate way to describe myself for those who would like to know<3I'm very random, pretty much always always happy and smiling and laughing because you guys crack me the fuck up! lolI feel laughing is contagious so even when people are rude WE LAUGH IT OFF! YES I AM bisexual, I LOVE women, like I legitalways have pussy on my mind, {Feel free to send perv pics ladies ). And I fucking LOVE whiskey! If your a drinker you should always announce when your drunk/drinking because it amuses me lol.I try my hardest to attract people with an awesome "fucked up" sense of humor ... you won't like this room unless you can laugh at anything haha ;) Im not one to judge, hold grudges, or hate.... except corn, I fucking hate corn because ew, corn is gross. Please don't be rude to people in my room (I'm talking to you too mods!) Anyways I am a all in all just a silly goose and want to bring out the silly goose in you!
BE YOURSELF IN MY ROOM! AND TAKE A SHOT OF WHISKEY! If want to get to know me feel free ask me anything you want, I'm not a shy gal' (but keep it CB legal) and LEGAL LEAGL!!! LOL Please don't make requests or demands without tipping or els I will come to your house and PUNCH you in the butt...

BE APART OF THE NEXT- {No tokens required Monthly Ridiculousness} to win a spot in my bio for a month!!
Most legit Ass Crack Hair Remover resume

Seeking Position: Professional Anal Crevice Depilator
10 [email protected] FweakyTiki Hair RemovAll

5 years @ Wax that Ass

Nether Region Depilation Masters Degree from Sti Ken EetInn University(Emeritus)

I am a Betelgeusian I can secret a hair removal solution that causes no discomfort


I am uniquely qualified for this job as I hale from a planet that evolved a being whose tongue removes the scales of a Faloogians Rescator without bothering the Faloog. My saliva and the shape of tongue and its motile dexterity are a combination that makes my hair removal technique unique.I can remove wholeswaths of hair or just a single hair without disturbing any hairs around it so as to create Pubis Mons Artworks where the varied lengths of the hairs creates images.



CLOSE UP of the Beast of a Clit that makes your mouth water: 125

Doggy style pussy flash, ask me to spread my puusy! ;) :75

Sexiest nipple tease on the bate of chattur: 50

Find out if i have improved on my twerking: 50

Feet: Depends on what I'm doing/wearing but feel free to ask how much!

Also don't be shy to ask for unlisted flashes, AND SMILES ARE FREE, JUST ASK =P

Im always trying to find creative fun ways to involve, and entertainus all and would love to here any creative suggestions you guys may have! Feel fee so e mail me at [email protected]

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